Getting Started

When learning to drive it’s important to follow a structured programme, with Onegoal  your driving lessons will follow a logical sequence according to the DSA syllabus.

The Driving Standards Agency suggests the average number of driving lessons required to prepare for the practical driving test is one and half hours per year of age. This may vary according to the individual but serves as a rough guide.

Get Your Driving Licence

You can apply for your provisional driving licence two months before your 17th Birthday. You must not drive on the road until you have the licence in your possession and you must wait until your 17th birthday.

Pick up the phone and book some driving lessons with Onegoal.
You must be able to read a car number plate from 20m, so if you wear glasses bring them to your lessons. You’ll also need to bring both parts of your licence.

For more details please see the DVLA driver information pages

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